Get Involved!

There are numerous ways you get can get involved in this riveting sport!  We love introducing and growing our passion for Roller Derby.  We embrace all diversities and welcome anyone interested in joining us any time of the year, with no previous knowledge of the sport as a requirement!


Contact Us to see what options are best for you and see our Events Page for upcoming intake details.

Skating Members - New skaters are welcome year round, with no experience expected or  necessary.  We typically we do a formal skater intake in the Fall, this is a great chance to learn to skate along other new members.  We have extra gear to try on and rent as well!


Referee's - Skating position that requires a commitment to learn game play and skate skills.  Perfect for those wanting to get involved without the physical contact aspect of the sport.


Non-Skating Officials (NSO's) - Off Skates position that is beneficial to execute with basic game play knowledge.  Includes timers, score keepers, etc.  We require many of these positions to be filled at our home competitive events and at some practices.


Volunteers - Helping us at our events, fundraising and behind the scenes, our volunteers are an integral part of our Association.


Sponsorship - Financial contributions and services in kind greatly assist our Association's success through the year!

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